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Haven’t found that “perfect” activity? Need an entire unit custom designed? Or just a worksheet or two? How about a PowerPoint? Let us create it for you! We will custom design a unit, game, worksheet, or PowerPoint for the skills and standards you need to teach. Your classroom resources will be professional, creative, reproducible, and best of all, unique for your students!

The price for your custom-made resource depends on the type of resource and the time it will take us to create it. When you request a resource to be custom-made, we will provide a detailed quote of what it will cost. The following is a rough estimate of the prices you should expect: 

Worksheets or games:
$5.00 per page or game
$0.50 to $1.00 per slide, depending on complexity
$3.00 to $5.00 per page, depending on total number of pages in unit (the more pages, the lower the price per page)

How can Lightbulb Minds™ create custom-made resources at such a low cost? In order to provide quality custom-made resources at a low cost to you, Lightbulb Minds™ retains the right to sell the custom-made resources to other teachers. Once created, the resources will become a part of our collection and available for downloading by others. This allows you the opportunity to obtain resources created just for your classroom when you need them, and it allows us to offer them at a reasonable price!

To get a custom-made resource, follow these 4 easy steps:

Fill out the request form below in as much detail as possible.
We will decide within 48 hours whether your project is something we will be able to create by your deadline — and do it well, up to Lightbulb Minds™ standards!
If we decide to take on your project, we will email you a quote for the project and a confirmation of your deadline. There will be an additional email which will include a link to PayPal.
If you agree to the quote, complete the PayPal transaction. Your custom-made resource will arrive via email on or before your deadline.


               Please fill out the form in as much detail as possible, including your deadline date.

Your Name:
Your Email: (check your email address for accuracy)
Category of Activity:
Content to be Included: describe in as much detail what you want created, including all necessary content (e.g., vocabulary words, subject matter)
Length: (estimate total number of worksheet pages, PowerPoint slides, or games necessary to fulfill request)
Grade level:

Looking for custom resources for your classroom décor or for grades K-3?  Visit Teacher's Clubhouse to submit your request.
Skills and standards to be taught with activity:
Deadline: (activity will be completed by midnight on date indicated)

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